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Webmasters Report Widespread Loss of Links in Yahoo! Site Explorer

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Where did all my links go?

There are widespread reports from many webmasters that Yahoo! Site Explorer has recently lost or at least stoped displaying a vast quantity of the backlinks reported by the tool.

Yahoo Site ExplorerMany have been surmising that this is the first step toward the Yahoo!/Bing full scale integration of search data.

But according to Search Engine Land, the data that’s missing now is unrelated to the Yahoo/Bing integration. Yahoo! reps said, “Yahoo! is investigating this report and will work to resolve it quickly if an issue is found, however it is unrelated to the longer term question we previously addressed regarding future support for backlinks.” Yahoo! reiterated that the long-term plan is to continue to provide external link data via Site Explorer.
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The Big G | Googles Economic Impact on Small Businesses

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This week Google released a statement highlighting their estimates of the companies’ economic impact on local businesses across the United States. The report highlights how Google has literally transformed the traditional marketing landscape and helped many small business entrepreneurs grow their companies in this period of economic recovery.

The report is filled with stories of small business owners who have utilized Google’s Marketing resources and how this technology has had a direct impact on their business. “In a time of tighter budgets and a slow economic recovery, we’re glad to support so many small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country by helping them find new customers more efficiently and monetize their websites through targeted advertising,” says Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice President, Global Online Sales.

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