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Tips to SEO Optimize Your Blog

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Get in the routine, optimize your blog!

On my journey throughout the blogosphere, I’ve come across many blogs that just don’t get the traffic they should. In doing a little more research I find that the blog posts are often well written, comprehensive, and up-to-date. However the page rank is zero and there’s a number of indicators leading me to believe that nobody reads this blog.

If you happen to find yourself in a situation similar to this, there are a few tactics you can begin to use in order to better optimize your blog. By following a simple, straightforward optimization routine, your blog will progressively improve over time. Implementing some standard SEO tactics will increase the chances of your blog ranking better in the search engine results, and in turn increase traffic to your site.
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Write For Your Target Audience – Not the Search Engines

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Quality Content is Good SEO

If you want some great advice for writing blog posts, “write for your target audience – not the search engines”. This is a statement that we as Internet marketers need to always remember.

seo blogging tipsIt’s common to get caught up thinking about how to rank higher in the search engines, what pages/posts to write in order to rank higher and so on. But once you switch your thinking from “what would the search engines like” to “what would my audience like”, your pages seem to index higher and you attract more traffic.

This makes sense because Google and the other SE’s are trying to best serve their target market, the web searching public. In an effort to better satisfy their customers, they work hard to rank and return the most relevant, well written content based on the search terms.

Everyday they get smarter and better at doing just this. Thats why you hear so many of the top Internet marketers talking about “quality content”. It is my opinion, that in order to be a proficient Internet marketer, you must be a good writer.
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