Geo-Targeted PPC

By localizing your Pay Per Click Campaign, we'll make sure only highly targeted traffic is driven to your site through your paid keywords.

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Increase Traffic with Local Pay Per Click Advertising

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Many small business owners have tried Pay Per Click Marketing for their own local business. PPC is extremely difficult to manage and most that have tried this advertising medium failed to return any profit. We know what mistakes were made and how to correct them. Most small business owners use strategies such as over bidding to outrank competitors, targeting the incorrect keywords, neglecting to use negative keywords, making your home page your primary landing page, not utilizing multi-variate split testing and not making good use of the various multiple geographically targeting options.

PPC can be successfully implemented. It can even done profitably, and we know exactly what to do. Our team will create and deploy your Pay Per Click Campaign for your business. We’ll make sure your campaign out-performs your competitors.

Landing Page Creation, Deployment and Optimization

When purchasing visitorship through Pay Per Click, the destination or “landing page” that your clicks are directed, are critical to making the sale. We create extremely targeted, highly optimized landing pages for your Pay Per Click Campaign. For each ad that targets a particular set of keywords, a service, or even an individual product, the landing page must be directed to the visitors.

The Landing Page or destination of the PPC Click has to also be optimized to rank well for Google’s “Quality Score” system. This helps to keep (CPC) cost per click prices low.

Out-Perform The Competition

PPC advertising platforms provide outstanding methods to track success of keywords, ads, conversion of landing pages and PPC Campaigns. We work with this raw data while doing multivariate and split testing to make better performing ads and optimize landing pages so that they work. Optimizing profitability of your PPC Campaign is Searchtechs strategic goal.

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Geo-Targeted PPC