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Google Maps, Google Places and Local Business Listings

local search engine optimization
Local Business Listings is a rapidly expanding online marketing platform and the top 3 major search engines do an outstanding job of producing local & small businesses inside their Maps (Local Business Listing) Product. Google Places is the leader in this space and includes local business results within the regular organic search results pages, for many search queries. Increased visibility in Google Maps offers a tremendous opportunity for any business to effectively market there business online and has become the “turn to directory for consumers performing local search .

Search Optimization in Google Maps

Google Places optimization has evolved into a major part of our local search and SEO services. Wherever possible, we aim to achieve the highest impressions in both the Maps and organic search results on the first page. By consuming more real estate on the search results page, a consumer is more likely to click on a businesses search results. This magnifies a company’s brand recognition and builds businesses credibility in their Geo-targeted areas, not to mention increases traffic leading to higher conversion rates.

Google uses a unique process for selecting the top businesses that get listed in Google Maps. At Searchtech we understand how and why Google selects one business over another and put that knowledge to work in our Maps Optimization Campaigns. This approach is somewhat different from how websites are ranked in organic or traditional search results. We know what tactics to utilize to get you noticed in Google Maps Business Listings and can help your company get more traffic by putting your business in the Top 7 of these local search engine results.

Google Places Will Drastically Increase Your Website Traffic!

The top 3 search engines recently made a change to their search results for a variety of broad level keyword terms. If the search engine feels the searcher has a local intent they now show a Map with local business listings at the top of the page. By broad terms we mean terms like Lawyer, Plumber, Restaurant, Retailer, etc… These broad terms now display a local business listing with a map and use IP targeting (identification of the searchers location), to determine where the searcher resides and serve up local search results based on their location. This means Google Places can be an extremely effective source of highly targeted traffic and the platform can have a tremendous impact on your business’s bottom line.

We’ll Help Your Business Achieve First Page Results in Google Local Business Listings

We have a deep understanding of how the local business listing algorithm works and what factors are used to determine rankings of the Maps Platform. We also utilize multiple techniques that can help give your company a competitive advantage over other local businesses in your area. We can help give your company first page exposure utilizing the Maps Platform and educate your team on how to best solidify your local business rankings over time.

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Local Search Optimization