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Ad Rank, Quality Score & Adwords – How To Properly Run an A/B Test and Rank Higher While Paying Less

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quality score chartEvery time someone performs a search on Google, the search engine company holds an auction to determine an ads, Ad rank. This number defines where an Adwords advertisers ad will place within the Adwords search results.  Ad rank is specifically determined for each and every search using the formula: MaxCPC x Quailty Score = Ad Rank.  Quality score results are based on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 representing a poor performing ad and 10 being a top performer.  This sliding scale quickly enables Google to determine in what position competing ads will appear.  Generally, if your ad has a quality score of 3 or lower, Google will not run the ad no matter how much your Cost-Per-Click bid is.

The auction process gives in the even ground to Adwords advertisers’ bids and quality scores.  The key factor in improving on your quality score is relevancy.  Quality score is determined for a specific keyword using a number of variables including relevancy among the ads copy, the destination landing page, the and of course the keyword.
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