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Your business website should do the following:

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  • Empower your company’s online presence
  • Be optimized for enhanced search engine performance
  • Provide an opportunity to showcase your businesses products or services
  • Be a content rich, informative resource for your online visitors
  • Deliver targeted traffic to your company’s goods or services
  • Be extremely low maintenance and affordable
  • Offer a secure eCommerce platform if you use the internet to sell products or services

At Searchtech Marketing, we offer cutting edge website design and development packages that include needs assessment consultation, website design, website hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM). Whether you’re just getting your business on the internet or doing a site redesign, the experience should be affordable as well as hassle-free, and we will do anything possible to make you a happy customer.

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Expand your businesses online presence!

Your website is your internet presence and should be there to enhance your company’s image and product line in a way that is both useful, professional and beneficial to your prospective customers. The best way to attract targeted visitors and keep them on the hook is to provide informative and useful content. Most websites offer some sort of product. Your site needs to stand out from the pack by offering information or solutions that your competitors don’t.

Your company’s site is the Bridge to your products or services

When a visitor enters your site, chances are they are they’re in search of some sort of solution, some type of information, or for a specific product or service your company may or may not offer.  Your landing page needs to offer the information and content to meet their needs, displayed in a logical manner. Informative content attracts visitors and helps to promote repeat visits.

Your website should attract highly targeted traffic

Targeted traffic means visitors that are actively searching for solutions, products, or answers that your site has to offer.

When your freshly designed website is ready to go, we will help you get the laser targeted traffic you need to be successful. We only use white hat search engine optimization techniques that will drastically improve your rankings in the search engines, while eliminating the possibility of being banned or penalized by the search engines (this is not always the case with other SEO’s in the industry).

When someone is searching for your company’s product or service, what search terms are they using? Are they in the market to buy a product or looking for a solution to a problem or a an answer to a question? Discovering what search terms your visitors are using through Keyword research, is one of the most important components of web development and is often not considered by many web design firms.

If you need targeted traffic in a hurry or are in a very competitive business, we offer affordable, effective search engine marketing programs to fit your budget and timetable.

Total website development services

We incorporate many Web 2.0 features, function sets, and capability into every site we develop. We offer you a high quality affordable alternative to many of the low cost website design company’s in the market. Every website we design is a “one of a kind” site, designed from scratch. All our website deployments are very low maintenance but offer enhanced capability to keep your company competitive in this ever changing internet landscape.

Just getting traffic to your site is not enough!

Simply increasing traffic and bringing visitors to your site is not enough in these turbulent times. You need targeted traffic that is in search of what you are providing. Search engine optimization and marketing ensures that the traffic you are bringing to your site is actively looking for your product or service. Solid, informative website content will keep your visitors attention and give you the opportunity to present your products or services as a solution to their needs.

At Searchtech Marketing, we pride ourselves on offering quality, total, affordable solutions, to your website development project.

The first step is to contact us so we can tailor a website development package to meet your requirements and budget

Do you need an e-Commerce solution/online store?

We can implement a secure, consumer friendly, ecommerce systems with customer support features and integrated back end functionality, all synchronized with your mobile platform and QuickBooks.

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