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    Internet Marketing on a Local Level

    Searchtech Marketing was created to help the small business owner establish an Internet presence and get results. So many small businesses are still using traditional marketing techniques and continue to see lackluster results. Local Businesses are spending hundreds of dollars a month to advertise in their local Yellow Pages and Newspapers because that’s the way things have been done for many years.

    local seo long islandMost businesses have websites, but just don’t receive the traffic or leads they could be getting. Many small business continue to advertise through their standard marketing channels and avoid Search Engine Marketing because it is seen as a confusing or a risky endeavor.

    But recently, local business owners are catching on and utilizing one of the most exciting marketing platforms to come our way since the invention of the radio, the web. This platform is a unparalleled marketing channel in which companies can advertise their products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Internet offers unlimited exposure and can build brand awareness to unimaginable levels. The Internet is the only platform where business doesn’t have to go out and find their customers, the customers are looking for you!

    Within the past year, Google has placed a tremendous emphasis on localizing search results and providing their users listings of local businesses at the top of their search results pages. This means that your business is no longer competing with businesses on a national level, but rather your local competition. And your competition doesn’t even know about this yet. This means, a huge opportunity exists for you and your company to get highly targeted traffic, through a marketing channel that’s available to you customer 24 hours a day seven days a week. Right now, the door is open for your company to claim these top spots. If you don’t take advantage now your competition will. Also read information about what data is needed to obtain ugc net result

    The time to act is now.  Searchtech Marketing works with only a few businesses at a time, to maximize our clients exposure. Claim your position today and get the traffic you deserve. How much is a qualified lead worth to you? How about 10 leads or 100 leads? Searchtech Marketing will put your Internet Marketing Campaign on autopilot. We handle it all.

    Long Island SEO, SEM and More

    Searchtech Marketing is a Long Island based Internet Marketing Company but we work with local businesses all over the country. We’re focused on getting our clients results and maximizing their exposure on the Internet.

    Searchtech Marketing was founded in 2009 with the intended purpose of giving people and businesses the ability to control and manage their internet business success by helping them achieve top rankings in the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Your Internet success relies on whether or not, your potential client can locate your product or service when they perform a search. By leaving this traffic on the table, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitor to take those potential sales. By 2015 98% of the population will turn to the Internet to find these products or services, act now to improve your internet presence.

    Searchtech prides itself on being one of the premier local business internet marketing firms around.

    Searchtech, being a small business themselves, knows the challenges and difficulties small businesses face in today’s volatile marketplace. We know, that the small business owner has to spend carefully in this economy.  We feel an educated consumer makes for a good customer. That’s why we work closely with your company, to carefully plan the best Internet Marketing Strategy tailored to your needs. This will ensure, your company gets the best return on their investment for every dollar spent. Searchtech’s systems and methods will bring your business on top of the search engines, creating more visibility and drive new sales. mes to the internet.

    Feel free to Contact Searchtech for more information, we look forward to working with you or your company in the future.

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