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Video Marketing is currently the fastest growing Online Marketing Medium. Imagine being able to run a commercial for your business 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week.

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Local Business Video Marketing Campaigns

Searchtech Marketing offers various video production packages, as a way to increase promotion and optimization through our video search marketing services. Video search marketing allows businesses to broadcast their message, in visual medium, on various levels: images, text, and voice while attracting a global audience, at minimal cost and the quickest amount of time.
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Visual media is one of the most powerful ways to build brand recognition or provide emotional content. We’ve seen that Video ranks extremely well in the search engine results pages, allowing you to attract increased site traffic by dominating and controlling your market’s natural organic search results. Searchtechs video creation and marketing service helps create and optimize your company’s video campaign based on your business’s targeted search phrases for the best results. Our team can handle all of your business video production needs. This includes a script, images, graphics, and other media needed for video production. Our team also provides pro voice over talent and background music. Searchtech Marketing then distributes the video media to hundreds of popular video sharing sites including Metacafe and of course, YouTube.

Depending on your primary keywords, we are nearly always successful at having your businesses video rank on the first page of Google! Does your company already have a professional video? Pass it along to us. We’ll help your company optimize it for the web and distribute the media across the internet for top search results! The search engines love new and engaging video content. Video distribution is one of the best ways to get your message distributed to your perspective customers, and spread your word all over the internet.

Video Marketing Made Easy

After we identify your business’s marketing needs, our team will make develop a detailed marketing plan of how your business can develop and improve your search rankings through the use of video. This plan will include various ways your company can use video search to distribute your message online. Every company has different marketing needs. This campaign is designed to better achieve your goal of improved performance: a broader customer base, higher search engine rankings, and improved profits. We’ll help you to develop an online video marketing plan today and make sure your company doesn’t let any more of your customers get snatched up by the competition!

Contact us today by filling out the form on our website, and one of our Internet Marketing Strategists will be in touch to discuss your business’s online video marketing needs.

Remember that Searchtech has specialized in giving you the client control, if you so choose, to maximize your websites performance. By implementing one of our proven video marketing strategies, you’ll see results in days, not months. Spread the word…we’re here to help.

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Video Marketing